On behalf of the Scientific Committee of World Stevia Organisation (WSO), we are pleased to inform you about the organization of the 7th World Convention on Stevia: Stevia Tasteful 2015 - Science, Formulation & Extraction: The Subtle Balance. The 7th edition will be held in Berlin, Germany, on June 11-12, 2015.

Stevia as Preventive Factor

Stevia is currently considered as the "green gold", as natural sweetener used to reduce sugar and synthetic sweeteners as aspartame or sucralose. Moreover, Stevia as a natural and antioxidant ingredient can be used f
or the prevention of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer,
  and cardiovascular diseases.

Why a specific Conference dedicated to Food and Beverages Formulated with Stevia?
Nowadays, consumers need a neutral taste adapted to their culture. During the fourth previous editions of Stevia World Congress held since 2010, the main question remained unanswered was "How to limit and hide the after-taste of Stevia in Food & Beverages?"

The main challenge of the 7th World Congress on Stevia and Food & Beverages formulation will to find the perfect formulation and to determinate how to reach the perfect balance. The Scientific Committee will invite academic, experts and industrials to present their latest researches, innovations and successful products formulated with Stevia.

As president of WSO, I'm still sure that Stevia will play a major role in the prevention of many chronical diseases. For the future, I'm afraid of the risk that consumers don't accept Stevia formulated products if industrials can't anticipate and find an urgent solution for Stevia Taste. We have to react quickly to insure the future of Stevia as natural sweetener.

What are the objectives of Stevia Tasteful 2015?

  • To highlight recent advances and scientific researches on Stevia and Stevia related products
  • To present the latest regulations
  • To show the latest marketing tools used to present Stevia and persuade consumers to use it
  • To discuss about the impact of formulation on Stevia taste and after-taste.
  • To present new innovations to reduce Stevia After Taste in finish products

WS0 Stevia Workshop 2015: Extraction, Purification, Characterization, and Applications of Stevia: All you need to know from A to Z

  • Detection, Separation, Isolation, Structural Characterization, and Quantification of Steviol Glycosides in Stevia Rebaudiana
  • Aqueous Extraction at Room Temperature of Steviol glycosides Content in Dried Leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana B.: Comparison with Conventional Hot Infusion
  • Glycosides from Stevia rebaudiana Leaves: A Comparison between Supercritical CO2 Extraction and Solvent Extraction
  • Conventional & Non-Conventional Methods: Ultrasounds , Microwaves, Supercritical Fluids,...
  • Innovative Method for Stevia glycosides Separation and Quantification: HP-TLC
  • Biotechnological Aspects on High Quality Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) Production
  • Practical Case: Recent Advances in Stevia Growing: A Turkish Practical Case
  • Fermented-derived Stevia: Reality & Practical Questions
  • Sensory, Formulation and Product Development
  • Nutritional and Health impact

 Stevia Tasteful Awards 2015
At the end of the conference, the attendees will be invited to taste and judge some Stevia Finish Products and Stevia Extracts in order to discerned the Stevia Tasteful Awards 2015. Two categories will be awarded:

  • Stevia Tasteful Award - Finish Product Category
  • Stevia Tasteful Award - Extract Category

We look forward welcoming you in June 2015 in Berlin.

Pr Akira Hashida
Chairman of WSO
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