You can elect the “Best Stevia Product/Extract of the Year” during Stevia Tasteful 2012.


Why a special Voted Stevia Product/Extract of the Year?

The aim of this session is to display all stevia finished products available in European market and to offer the opportunity to attendees to judge the taste of each product.

The jury will be composed of Stevia Tasteful attendees and each member of the jury will have to fill in, separately and independently, a special tasting sheet which includes different parameters.

The tasting procedure is, on the one hand, based on the sensory analysis such as the general taste of the product, the aroma, appearance, flavour, mouth feel or any other organoleptic criteria. On the other hand, it takes into account other parameters which are important to the customer such as clear information on the ingredients, the packaging, is it easy to prepare, directions for use...

In order to guarantee a fully objective judgment, all the scores given by the different jury members are added up and averaged to a final percentage.

This is not simple blind tasting but an overall assessment of the quality of the product presented including the ingredients used.


WSO Stevia Tasteful awards are divided in two categories:

Stevia Tasteful Award 2012 - Finish Product Category   Best_Stevia_Product_Award



Stevia Tasteful Award 2012 - Extract Category        Best_Stevia_Extract_Award


What are the benefits to be the Voted Stevia Product/Extract of the year?

WSO will provide a smart logo for winner to include to your marketing supports and products packaging. This logo will provide you a lot of advantages:

  • Consumer recognition
  • The WSO quality label will assure your customer that the product he intends to buy has been tested and approved by a totally independent jury which is a direct evidence of the quality of your product.

  • Boost your sales
  • Your customer has to be guided and reassured in his search for quality.

  • Your Quest for Quality
  • A WSO quality label is an effective marketing tool for the producer who cares for quality and wants to prove it.

    The aim for a WSO Stevia Tasteful awards will motivate your research and production department in the development of the quality of their products.

    Among products proposed to taste:


           fanta                   Taillefine


    If you are a company interested to compete for the “Best Stevia Product /Extract of the Year”, please contact us to display your products.


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