The scientific committee of the World Stevia Organization invites all academics and industrials to present their recent researches and innovations during 9th World Convention on Stevia - Stevia Tasteful 2019.

Among Stevia Tasteful Tracks:

Track 1: Recent Advances on Stevia Sciences

  • Stevia and health 2019: what is new?
  • Strategic role of stevia to prevent diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome
  • Stevia and gut health

Track 2: Stevia Formulation in Food & Beverages

  • Formulation and application in food and beverage industry
  • Stevia stability
  • How to overcome after-taste concern?

Track 3: Stevia in Practice - Innovations & Technologies

  • Stevia After-Taste Reduction Strategies
  • Tips to blend stevia with sugar: critical point and balance
  • Stevia Encapsulation and micro-encapsulation
  • Stevia Formulation as sweetner

Track 4: Cultivation, Extraction, Purification & Characterisation of Stevia

  • Cultivation to improve overall steviol glycoside content
  • Plant breeding and other technologies for high value steviol glycosides
  • Novel innovation in extraction and isolation
  • New methods in analytical studies

Track 5: Stevia & Business

  • Stevia and regulatory issues
  • Stevia and marketing
  • Stevia business development

Please don't forget to submit your abstract before:

Short Oral submission deadline: September 18, 2019
Poster Presentation submission deadline: September 30, 2019

To submit your abstract, please follow this link

For more information:

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