Sungeun ChoIt is a great pleasure to announce that Dr. Sungeun Cho from the Department of Poultry Science, Auburn University in the United States will join us this year and present her talk about "Consumer Acceptability and Sensory Characterization of Steviol Glycosides (Rebaudioside A, D, and M)".


Dr. Cho explains that Rebaudioside (Reb) D and M are the recent focus of the food industry to address the bitter taste challenge of Reb A, which is the most widely used steviol glycoside in stevia. Reb D and M (in aqueous solution and in a food matrix - ice cream) had sensory profiles that were closer to sucrose and higher liking scores, compared to Reb A. However, she adds that they were still associated with negative sensation such as artificial, which may cause negative perception toward Reb D and M.


Stevia Tasteful 2021
November 18-19, 2021 - Lisbon and Online

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