The Results for the “Best Stevia Product/Extract of the Year” are available. 

During Stevia Tasteful Convention 2018, attendees had the opportunity to taste some products made with Stevia. After their votes and also after an evaluation by taste experts (Tea & Coffee Tasters, Oenologists, Gastronomic Experts, Cookers, Food & Beverage Expert), the Stevia Tasteful Awards 2018 were delivered:

Stevia Best Taste Award 2018 1

WSO Best Taste Award to SweetLeaf


WSO Best Taste Award to Sweegen


WSO Best Taste Award to SweetLeaf



Best Taste Award 2018 - 3 leaves:

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Caramel Flavored Stevia Sweetener-50ml, by SweetLeaf, Wisdom Brands Natural

019029 SweetDrops 50ml 3D Caramel



Best Taste Award 2018 - 2 leaves:

by Sweegen


Best Taste Award 2018 - 1 leaf: 

Wisdom of Ancients Organic Yerba Mate Hibiscus- Tea Bags, by SweetLeaf, Wisdom Brands Natural 


If you would like to access to the concluding remarks of Stevia Tasteful 2018, please click here.

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