Stevia Convention 2021 Xiaoyang XuDuring the 10th World Convention on Stevia 2021, taking place in Lisbon & Online on November 18-19 2021, Dr. Xiaoyang Xu, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, will give a session entitled "The Chromosome-Level Stevia Genome Provides Insights Into Steviol Glycoside Biosynthesis". 

In this session, Dr. Xu will explain how they constructed a chromosome-level assembly of Stevia covering 1,416 Mb with a contig N50 value of 616.85 kb and a scaffold N50 value of 106.55 Mb. Genome evolution analysis suggested that Stevia and sunflower diverged ~29.4 million years ago (Mya), shortly after the whole-genome duplication (WGD) event (WGD-2, ~32.1 Mya) that occurred in their common ancestor. Comparative genomic analysis revealed that the expanded genes in Stevia were mainly enriched for biosynthesis of specialized metabolites, especially biosynthesis of terpenoid backbones, and for further oxidation and glycosylation of these compounds. Their findings on the Stevia genome will be very helpful for dissecting the evolutionary history of Stevia and for discovering novel genes contributing to SG biosynthesis and other important agronomic traits in future breeding programs.


Stevia Tasteful 2021
November 18-19, 2021 - Lisbon and Online

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