Why take part to WSO Awards?

WSO awards provide you many tools to increase your visibility, credibility, customer’s satisfaction and of course market share.

A WSO quality label is an effective marketing tool for the producer who cares for quality and wants to prove it.

The aim for a WSO Stevia Tasteful awards will motivate your research and production department in the development of the quality of their products.


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Sensory analysis

  • WSO make sensory analysis of your products by taste professionals as: Oenologists, Gastronomic Experts, Cookers, Food & Beverage Experts, Tea & Coffee Tasters.
  • WSO provide you a precise statistical analysis of your product characteristic approved by our expert on criteria like taste, Odor, Appearance…
  • The provided report gives you keys to improve your product and enhance customer loyalty.
  • Our jury are well known in there business line and may gives you constructive criticisms about the tested products.

Opinion leaders backup

  • Oenologists, Gastronomic Experts, Cooker are qualified persons with high degree of credibility from customers. Their involvement grows the negotiating power with distributors, helping you to win more business.
  • The support provided by our expert will help you by meliorate your credibility
  • With WSO award you will be able to convince both customer and distributors.

Give you a better market differentiation

  • Using the WSO Awards Logo on your packaging and in your adverting campaign helps you to draw customer’s attention, since your logo is a market differentiation tool and because he remind that the WSO awards winners are healthy and delicious products.
  • Customer are ready to pay a higher price for awarded products with guaranteed taste
  • Advertise on exceptional taste of product is one of the better way to increase sales
  • The WSO quality label will assure your customer that the product he intends to buy has been tested and approved by a totally independent jury which is a direct evidence of the quality of your product.

Visibility on the market

  • By publishing Award your own site, you will boost the number of new visitors through the Internet search engines.
  • Visibility on Internet ensures client’s confidence.
  • By visiting our web site customers are informed of stevia benefits and discover your products.
  • Your customer has to be guided and reassured in his search for quality.



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