Lucy Dahlgren, founder and group CEO of THiS Less-is-more Group AB (Publ.), Sweden
dr Gertrud MorlockNanoGIT+Active and Super-Hyphenations - Detecting the Essentials of Food
Gertrud Morlock, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany
Dr. Buhara YücesanStevia Breeding & Cultivation 2022
Buhara Yücesan, Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey

Dr Maria Margarida RibeiroWhat Can Molecular and Biochemical Markers Tell Us About a Stevia rebaudiana Genotypes' Collection?
Maria Margarida Ribeiro, Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal

Dr. Todd WehnerOptimum Experiment Size for Stevia Trials
Todd WehnerNorth Carolina State University, USA

Dr Yuming SunImprove Steviol Glycosides Productivity by Optimizing Nitrogen Fertilization Strategy
Yuming Sun, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Dr Christos StamatisStevia from Field to the Table - Case of Greece
Christos StamatisCEO of Stevia Hellas Cooperative, Greece

Dr Sidd Purkayastha 2Metabolism and Effect of Steviol Glycosides and Steviol on Human Gut Microbiome
Sidd Purkayastha, Vice President, Head of Global Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at PureCircle/Ingregion Inc., USA

Dr Marta Libik-KoniecznySteviol Glycosides Profile in Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni Hairy Roots Cultivated Under Oxidative Stress-Inducing Conditions
Marta Libik-Konieczny, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Dr Xiao HuaRecovery of Steviol Glycosides from Industrial Stevia By-Product, Preparation and Practical Application of Sevia in Milk Tea
Xiao Hua, Jiangnan University, China

Dr Karley MahalakImpact of Steviol Glycosides and Erythritol on the Human and Cebus apella Gut Microbiome 
Karley MahalakUnited States Department of Agriculture, Eastern Regional Research Center, USA

Dr Probir Kumar Pal thumbRecent Agronomic Development on Stevia towards Attaining Higher Productivity
Probir Kumar Pal, CSIR - Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology, India

Dr Rajnibhas Sukeaw SamakradhamrongthaiStevia in Food Product Development: Formulation and Evaluation 
Rajnibhas Sukeaw Samakradhamrongthai
, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Dr. Vasil PirgozlievFeeding Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) to Poultry: Effect on Dietary Energy and Nutrient Availability, Production and Health
Vasil Pirgozliev, 
Harper Adams University, United Kingdom

Dr Gabriele GusminiBreeding and Agricultural Supply Chain Expertise for a Fresh Look at Stevia Leaf Production and Processing
Gabriele Gusmini, 
Founder of the Plant Pathways Company, Inc., USA

Dr Maria Rosa ZorzenonSpray Drying Encapsulation of Stevia Extract with Maltodextrin and Evaluation of the Properties of Produced Powders
Maria Rosa Zorzenon
, State University of Maringá, Brazil

Dr Armine IsoyanStevia rebaudiana Enhances Functional Recovery of Injured Sciatic Nerves in High-Fructose Diet Rats
Armine Isoyan, Orbeli Institute of Physiology NAS RA, Armenia

Dr John T. McLaughlinEffects of the Daily Consumption of Stevia on Glucose Homeostasis, Body Weight, and Energy Intake of Healthy Adults
John T. McLaughlin, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Dr Muhammad Farhan Jahangir ChughtaiAn Insight on the Future Therapeutic Application of Stevia Rebaudiana as Emerging Sweetener; A Way Forward for Sweetener Industry
Muhammad Farhan Jahangir Chughtai, Khwaja Fareed University, Pakistan




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