Welcome to Stevia Tasteful 2019

Gerd Birkenmeier

Dear Colleagues,

As President of the World Stevia Organisation (WSO), it is a pleasure to announce the 9th WSO World Congress on Stevia, which will be held in Amsterdam on October 17-18, 2019.

During the World WSO Stevia convention on Stevia which will be  held in Amsterdam on October 17-18, 2019, a Special session will be dedicated to "Fast food control of stevia products including in-situ effect-directed evaluation".

Stevia Tasteful 2019 Congress Speakers:

Gertrud Morlock Stevia Convention 2019Fast food control of stevia products including in-situ effect-directed evaluation
Gertrud Morlock
Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany
Benno Zimmermann Stevia Convention 2019Stevia Evaluation and caracterization: Recent advances and strategies
Benno Zimmermann, University of Bonn, Germany

n-Cheol-JANG Stevia Convention 2019From Functional Genomics to Biotechnology in Stevia
In-Cheol Jang, National University of Singapore, Singapore

The Results for the “Best Stevia Product/Extract 2018”:

Stevia Best Taste Award 2018 1

WSO Best Taste Award to SweetLeaf


WSO Best Taste Award to Sweegen


WSO Best Taste Award to SweetLeaf
During Stevia Tasteful Convention 2018, attendees had the opportunity to taste some products made with Stevia. After their votes and also after an evaluation by taste experts (Tea & Coffee Tasters, Oenologists, Gastronomic Experts, Cookers, Food & Beverage Expert), the Stevia Tasteful Awards 2018 were delivered:


Prof. Gertrud Morlock 2Prof. Gertrud Morlock from Justus Liebig University, Germany gave a major strategic presentation about HPTLC analysis of steviol glycosides and (iso)steviol in Stevia products during the 8th WSO Convention on Stevia: Stevia Tasteful 2018.

At the end of the convention, her presentation was awarded by the first price of the "Father of Stevia Award 2018", awarded by Wisdom Brand Natural.


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