Winners of the “Best Stevia Product/Extract 2019”:

WSO AWARD 3 Leaves

WSO Best Taste Award to SweetLeaf

WSO AWARD 2 Leaves

WSO Best Taste Award to SweetLeaf


WSO Best Taste Award to Stevialine & Ricola

During Stevia Tasteful Convention 2019, attendees had the opportunity to taste some products made with Stevia. After their votes and also after an evaluation by taste experts (Tea & Coffee Tasters, Oenologists, Gastronomic Experts, Cookers, Food & Beverage Expert), the Stevia Tasteful Awards 2019 were delivered:

Best Taste Award 2019 - 3 leaves:

The winner of the first prize of the "Best Taste Award 2019" was the "Better Than Sugar - Granular", formulated by SweetLeaf. After deliberation, the attendees as well as the tasting experts agreed that this Stevia Blend for baking deserved the award due to the absence of aftertaste and the absence of artificial ingredients!


Best Taste Award 2019 - 2 leaves:

The second place for the "Best Taste Award 2019" was given to the company SweetLeaf, for their Stevia Blend for frosting called "Better Than Sugar - Powdered". 


Best Taste Award 2019 - 1 leaf: 

During the Stevia Tasteful Convention 2019, the World Stevia Organization was honored to remit the third prize of the "Best Taste Award 2019" to the global brand Ricola, for their well done candy "Apple Mint"!

Ricola Apple Mint

The Stevialine chocolate product "Zauber Schokolade Vollmilch" also won the third place for the "Best Taste Award 2019" for its very good savor, according to both the attendees and the expert panel.         



Best Extract Award 2019 - 3 leaves: 

SweeGen Company won the first place in the "Best Extract Category 2019" for its non-GMO and zero-calorie sweetener Bestevia e+. The taste quality of the extract results in clean, sugar-like profile that can replace high amounts of sugar in many foods.



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