James A. May “Father of Stevia” Awards, were discerned by Wisdom Natural Brands®, the company James A. May founded in 1982, in partnership with the World Stevia Organization during the 8th World Congress on Stevia, held in 2018 in Berlin.

First prize of the James A. May "Father of Stevia" Award:

Prof. Gertrud Morlock, from Justus Liebig University, Germany.

Research on: HTPLC analysis of steviol glycosides and (iso)steviol in Stevia products

Prof. Gertrud Morlock 2

Prof. Morlock commented: "The WSO convention is a perfect opportunity to profit from the leading experts in the growing field of natural sweeteners, to taste latest products and to learn how to improve our health. Nature offers great options to sweeten food - it makes us curious to learn."

Second prize of the James A. May "Father of Stevia" Award:

Dr. Koenraad Philippaert, from VIB - KU Leuven Center for Brain & Disease Research, Belgium.

Research on: Stevioside potentiates TRPM5 channels which leads to increased taste perception and prevents the development of diabetes in mice

Koenraad Philippaert 2



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